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  1. Hi there. I’ve just been reading through your blog. I was one of those strangers that heard about your story through common friends, not long before Jess’ passing. Your blog came up on my FB feed today and so I got stuck in, first on your more recent posts and then read through the full years account of Jess’ fight. Your words are so incredibly beautiful, and your love for her shines through. You have had me laughing and crying today, so powerful is your story. Your new found perspective on life and how important it is to focus on what is fundamentally important strikes me to the core as it’s something I’m constantly battling with myself. It’s so hard to filter through societal crap, to see through the blur of commercialisation, technology, politics, to break free of the chains of materialism. Keep writing. I’m going to refer back to here whenever I lose sight of whats important. Enjoy your kids and your precious time together. X


  2. I Truly admire your Bravery and I sit here thinking how from this very moment I will not feel sorry for myself ever again over stupid things that in essence at the end of the day mean nothing, I thank You and Your Beautiful Wife for opening my eyes to how precious each moment is and even though I tell my husband and son that I love them each day, I will do it even more not only through words but actions as well, no matter how small a gesture. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.


  3. Simms, my old friend. Your words are true and inspiring. Keep writing and the world will keep reading. Love and respect. Let’s go sailing soon …


  4. Hi,I’m Chelsea Serret. I believe I know your brother Peter,as I live in Mauritius and have a coffee shop here..Thank you so much for taking the effort to create this incredible blog of your life experiences! It has truly touched me and I can understand how hard it must have been for you,losing your wife.. Your words have inspired and encouraged me to make the most of every moment I have in life.. Thank you Simon.


  5. I too use to get the ‘Jess’ updates on my newsfeed which most times would bring me to tears. I have just read your last article and I have quiet literally been consumed by it for about two hours. Lots of tears, a second read, a discussion with my husband as to his thoughts and then passing it on to someone who recently lost his wife. He has been left to raise their three year old daughter alone. I know your words will be of comfort. The love you have for your wife is deep. May God bless you and your two beautiful children and may he strengthen you on your bad days.


    1. Thank you Faye! I appreciate the kind words. Documenting my journey as honestly as possible has been quite therapeutic! Especially considering comical the situations are that I find myself at times. In my opinion, one of life’s greatest truths is “shit happens” . What matters is how you deal with it! Thanks again!


  6. Food for thought, write a book when you are ready. You are a gifted writer, you have a story to tell that can help others, it is cathatic and will be able to preserve the memory of Jess and the love you shared for Joel and Anna. Just saying.


    1. Thanks i’m working on a few things… just struggling with the self confidence thing! haha well that and time… never seems to be enough these days! Appreciate the vote of confidence.


  7. Hi Simon, wonderful to be in touch again after so many years since the Nicholson family reunion. I am very sad to read about your huge loss, Jess was an amazing fighter!


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