Joel drew this!


So how cool is this… Joel has his own tee shirt line!


I’m not sure when Joel first started drawing… since I can remember he has been carrying a pen and paper around, and the pictures and doodles I find all around our house make my jaw drop. He has such an imagination. Well of course I would think so, I’m his Dad!

I recently stumbled across this cool site that allows you to upload designs and sell the tees to anyone who is interested, they manufacture and ship them direct to the buyer! Anywhere in the world. How rad?

So this weekend we scanned a few of his old drawings, vectorized them for printing and asked him to write up a name…so he wrote … Joel Drew this…. with the ‘s’ backwards, hahaha. In the spirit of it being truly his, I kept it exactly as he wrote it.

joel signature

So we have uploaded a few options, kids tees and adult ones for his “big fans”… The selection process was tough. He chose the colorways and was very critical of his drawings but we managed to agree on a few.

Come have a look at the stuff, its pretty classic… I think his mom would be very proud.

You can see his stuff here 

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.41.32 PM

So come check it out and follow his journey! who know maybe these first tees will be worth some serious cash one day! haha.


2 thoughts on “Joel drew this!

  1. It was lovely seeing you the other day. I don’t know how to put this without sounding weird, but I truly wish you would write. A special talent you have there.


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