Dear Joel, Dear Anna. Part 3.


(1 November 2021)

Right now I’m on the couch at 2 Burrows Close, Braunton, England , at the end of a 10 day cycle of rain and wind, you two are out running with the dogs in the corn field, we are dog sitting for Pat and Kirst. Right now is November 1st 2021… and what a crazy 2 years its been. Time flies too quick between these moments of peace and stillness where I have time to write to you. It has been literal years since my last post, and I fear if I dont take this chance right here right now it may be another few years gone.

You just lived through a global pandemic! The world locked down, 5 million people died of Covid 19 , we moved countries, started new businesses, skipped school years and have landed somewhat with our bums in the butter. Bizarre times.

Annie youre a handful at the moment I wont lie. you are turning into one of the most beautiful young (soon to be 10) kids on earth, but you have the sass of a 15 year old. Needless to say we have been butting heads. School, friends and work have turned life into a bit of a whirlwind lately and I hope I’m doing a good enough job of checking in with you. I love the times when you come and help me at the warehouse, pulling stock, unloading containers, packing boxes. You really have incredible perserverance when your heart is in it (or theres £20 on the line, I have no doubt wealth lies ahead of you) Floss, Sophia, Isla, Nela and Rosie are your besties, and I’m terrified of what you and Sophia are going to get up to in a few years. I’ll be keeping a close eye! You also caught your first wave this summer, with Joel out there with you!

Joel… you have found your happy place, you have surf mates, who live just a few houses down, school has been easy despite skipping an entire year(something I’m still in awe that you managed to do with such ease) you get free stuff from surfshops weekly and you eat your weight in sweets on your way home from school daily (bennys must be sponsoring you or something). Surfing is in its right place for you right now, you’re really nervous of anything over 3 feet, but you want more, and im sure it’ll come. I dont want you to be a pro, or win all the contests, I’m loving seeing you reach each new milestone on the great journey that is surfing. This past week we surfed really fun Lynmouth and you landed your first air kick out… you were screaming hahaa. Thats what I love. That and listening to rock songs full blast on our missions. These are good days.

You guys have been amazing with your cousins, Dyl and and Hayden. so patient, entertaining them, keeping them busy so the adults can enjoy a beer outside , you sneak in your fair share of teasing and scaring them (black cat is coming) or Joel pretending to put daddy longlegs spiders on Hayden. I don’t tell you much but that always impresses me when you look after them.

Kimmy and I are bladdy tired! we have moved you guys to a country with no nannies, no cleaners and no grand parents. So we havent had a night off in over a year. We have cooked and cleaned and started a business from scratch. Kimmy has worked in an icecream shop, the RYD warehouse and taken photos, I have been driving across the country on deliveries to meet customers, build relationships. I’m sorry if your memory of these times is of us being a little grumpy, or frazzled, the truth is we are, but we are loving this move and so happy to be making progress financially for the first time in years. It’s been awesome taking you to experience new things. This year you did your first music festival. Red Rooster was a blast and the look on your faces when your stood front of the stage and heard your first live band was priceless. Looking forward to lots more of that.

P.S this is only being posted now…in the back end of 2022 because , well such is the nature of time at the moment… blink and nearly a year speeds past. I’ve been writing fairly consistantly, but really struggle to push that publish button. I’ll attempt to be better and less self concious.

One thought on “Dear Joel, Dear Anna. Part 3.

  1. Hi Simon, your posts are inspirational and I’m luvin’ your journey. Rock on and all strength to you & your’s.
    (from a frickin’ loadshedded Joburg…. you see, I got the short straw and moved from the Bluff to Jozie seeking fame and fortune….. still seeking both – but all good)


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